A morning meander around Fitzroy, Melbourne


This morning I woke up early, grabbed my camera and headed out the door before the sun had risen. Before I even had the chance for a morning coffee (crazy, I know!). Why would any person in their right mind get up at 6.30am on a Sunday when they could be wrapped up in a bed you ask? Great question!



I wanted to take the opportunity to capture the beauty of my lovely little neighbourhood at the most gorgeous time of the day. The quiet moment when homes start to stir and the soft smell of coffee gently wafts along the morning breeze.



To witness the beauty of a Melbourne sunrise is always unique and different each time. The sky changes from hazy darkness to dusky pink which morphs into a vibrant orange which illuminates the horizon and creates a vivid glow across the face of each building.


There is nothing I love more than wandering around my favourite area and local suburb, Fitzroy. This suburb is a creative and bohemian part of inner Melbourne. Every street is a unique treasure trove boasting with unexpecting gems. These come in the form of incredible street art from artists from around the globe to quaint, picturesque Victorian-style homes with ivy sprawling across the brick wall and balcony railings. Hip cafés and bars nestle out of sight in random streets with lines of knowing locals waiting for their morning coffee or evening martini.

IMG_9558 (1)


This creative hub radiates a sense of excitement and wonder. Although known for its ‘Hipster’ style, Fitzroy has a contagious youthful, artistic and optimistic personality that represents a sense of passion for art, music, design, architecture, food, coffee and everything in between while still having a slightly grungy exterior.


I love that each day, you can easily stumble upon a new café or bar that you’ve never noticed before. People dress in a variety of different styles and the more outlandish the better. The sense of ‘cool’ is undeniably the underlying factor of Fitzroy and although I haven’t had a play with my camera in a long while (I’m pretty sure the old DSLR may be on her last leg) I really enjoyed getting behind the lens while capturing the little details of this part of Melbourne I love so much.


I know everyone loves this city for different reasons and although I’m sad to be leaving shortly, I know I’ll be back. How could I not come back when it’s rated as the world’s most livable city?



11 thoughts on “A morning meander around Fitzroy, Melbourne

    1. Hi There,

      I love your blog. I travel to Australia annually, different states each time. I plan to visit Europe in the year end and New Zealand next year. Your blog comes in handy Keep on writing and you go girl! 🙂


      1. Hi Farah 👋

        Thank you for reading 😊 that’s so great to hear you travel to Australia often, where is your favourite place so far? Wow you sound like you have quite a few adventures ahead of you!


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