Sunshine Coast Camping – No Wifi, No Worries

Going camping is not just getting drunk with insects.

The essence of camping is to take a much-needed break from the insurmountable woes of a modern daily life. It’s about removing yourself from wifi yet feeling a stronger sense of connection. It’s also a great opportunity to get drunk with insects.


When you are camping, It’s like saying, ‘I’ll just slip into something a little more comfortable’ and then jumping into a tent. Let me be real here, a tent is by no means as comfortable as sleeping in cosy bed, however, the comfort comes from releasing the unnecessary burden of modern technology and the repressing need to aways ‘be busy’.


When you’re camping there is nowhere you need be, no tasks you are obligated to achieve or emails that need to be sent. The only thing you need to worry about, is the basic fundamental aspects of living a good life, such as eating, sleeping and having a merry time.


What’s even more fascinating is that time moves at a different pace when you disconnect from the routines of everyday life.


Your mind can ease into the present moment. The concept of ‘always doing’ has no business when you’re camping. You slow down with nature and move with the ebb and flow of the tide. When the sun rises, you wake. When the sun falls, you sleep. Everything else in between can be a leisurely appreciation for the here and now.


Not to mention, you won’t get bored if you do it right. There are beers to drink, food to eat, cards to play, fires to stack, oceans to swim, mountains to climb and sunrises to witness.


These were some of the shots I captured during our fun adventure at Double Island Point in Sunny Queensland, Australia.


Where are some of your favorite spots to camp?




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